What You Need to Know About ANGKAS

What You Need to Know About ANGKAS

On September 15, 2019, the Angkas held an event called Angkas Cebu Safety Fiesta in obviously Cebu City at Plaza Independencia. The said event has a series of events that aims to promote motorcycle road safety among public riders.

What is Angkas?
How do I book a ride?
How safe is Angkas?
How is the fare calculated?
What are the safety precautions during the ride?
What payments option is available?
What happens in an accident? Am I insured?


What is Angkas?

Angkas is an on-demand app-based popular motorcycle taxi ride-hailing service. All across Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, motor taxis have already become an accepted mode of transportation that gets hundreds of thousands of people past traffic jams.

With the worsening traffic situation here in Metro Cebu, commuters need more and better options fast to survive the daily traffic and reach their destinations on time. Honestly, I only use this app to book angkas for my girlfriend. So far, it is secure, safe and reliable.

Truly, an app that really saves you time when needed.

How do I book a ride?

Follow below instructions.

1.Download the Angkas Mobile App. New users will need to complete a one-time registration.
2.Key in the pick up and drop off points.
3.Confirm your booking.

And that’s it. Wait for your driver.

How safe is it?

Professional bikers – All bikers are properly vetted and undergo strict safety and defensive driving training and skills assessment conducted by certified safety instructors.

Driver’s detailed info – Upon confirmation of your booking, you get the biker’s info including his name, mobile number, vehicle registration, and his ETA.

Live trackable rides – All rides are logged into their system so they know a biker’s whereabouts at any time.

Insurance coverage – All passengers are covered with personal accident insurance in the unlikely event of an accident.

Gear & tools – All passengers are provided with helmets, face masks, caps, and raincoats for safety and hygienic purposes.

How is the fare calculated?

Angkas charges a base fare of PHP 50 for the first 2km, and PHP 10 for every succeeding km thereafter, though prices may increase during peak hours. All fares are calculated prior to and fixed upon confirmation of your booking.

Note: Fees are paid directly to the biker and not Angkas. 

What are the safety precautions during the ride?

1.Inform your biker of your preferred route.
2.During the ride: hold on to your biker’s waist or belt only (not his shoulders, not the bike’s railings).
3.Make sure to wear your helmet at all time.
4.Get on the bike on the left side to avoid the hot muffler on the right side.

Available payments option?

Currently Angkas rides are only available through cash.

What happens in an accident? Am I insured?

In the event of an accident, bikers are required to immediately report the incident to Angkas and the relevant authorities. Once alerted, Angkas will work with the biker and relevant parties to make sure that everyone is safe and attended to. Passengers are covered by insurance up to PHP 450,000.


To save more time, Angkas na!

Always remember to “Develop your One Days to Day Ones!


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