Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

Lintaon Peak, a garden of 16,000 LED-powered roses was opened to the public last june 2017.  June 16th, the charter date of Baybay City which the LED-powered roses’ name came from.


By Public Utility Vehicle.

  1. Take a pedicab from the city’s land transport terminal going to Brgy. Pomponan. The pedicab ride is a short 15-minute drive.
    Note: One Way Fare is P15.00 per person
    Tip: Pedicabs heading south are all painted with red.
  2. Tell the Driver you’re heading to Lintaon Peak. He will recommend you habal-habal drivers(motorcycle drivers) who can take you uphill.
  3. Before you enter the village proper, you’ll definitely notice a directional sign leading to the destination. Pomponan is an interior village. It will be your main access point to Lintaon Peak. 
  4. There are lots of habal-habals(motorcycle) in the village because it is the only mode of transport going to the remote village of Lintaon. Yep, Lintaon is one of the 92 barangays in Baybay City.
    Note: One Way Fare is P25.00 per person
  5. You can make an arrangement with the driver to pick-you up on an agreed time if you want to spend longer hours at the site.
  6. It’s a 4.6-kilometer uphill drive which means it may take 10-15 minutes.

By Private Vehicle.

Below is the map from Baybay Terminal to Lintaon Peak

  1. Vans, Cars,SUVs and motorcycles can easily access the site with a decent parking space uphill.
  2. Make sure to Gas-up because it’s gonna be an uphill drive and your gas may be consumed quickly.
  3. Drive through the Baybay-Maasin Highway. You may also take the Diversion Road if you’re coming from Ormoc City. You’ll see a directional sign to Brgy. Pomponan and Lintaon Peak in the Baybay-Inopacan highway.
  4. Just follow the road until you’ll see the directional sign on your right. You will be turning left before you enter the village proper.
  5. A parking space can be found at the peak.
16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

ENTRANCE FEE:P25.00 php per person

Most people would have think including me that there is a summit at the peak because of what its name but unfortunately, there isn’t. The area is so huge. It  surrounded with picturesque valleys, meadows and hills all in high elevation. 

Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte
Below this amazing sight is the 16,000 LED Roses

When I step in the area, scorching heat of the sun greeted me with intense force and the people at the entrance greeted me too. After a minute-hike, I reached this place and I saw some people taking pictures in this angle. Also, below this area is the 16,000 led roses.

16,000 Roses
Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte

Guide to 16,000 LED Roses in Lintaon Peak, Baybay City, Leyte
16,000 Roses

Lintaon Peak, the city’s highest point, the peak is comprised of white and red roses embedded in the grassy meadow forming the phrase “I Love Baybay”. The LED lights is an astonishing sight which can be seen kilometers away at the city proper. The peak overlooks Camotes Sea, and the nearby islands of Cuatro Islas in Inopacan town and Camotes in Cebu.

16,000 Roses
A function hall can be seen on the center-ish left.

A function hall and two view decks overlooking the city proper of Baybay and Cuatros Islands are also being constructed.

16,000 Roses
Isn’t it magnificent?

Overnight Camping

Besides late afternoon picnic, an overnight camping is definitely a great experience. The view of the city lights and led lights at night is really gorgeous, wondrous setting of the sun and waking up to the sunrise at the Leyte Cordillera is gratifying to both your mind and eyes. If you’re planning to stay overnight on your tents, make sure to secure the pegs tightly because it can be windy during nighttime. I don’t recommend making a campfire as the moderate to strong winds will just blow it off and spoil your moment so make sure to pack your portable LED lamps.


Php 15.00/person –  Pedicab from the city’s land transport terminal going to Brgy. Pomponan.
Php 25.00/person – Brgy. Pomponan to Lintaon Peak.


Here are some tips to enjoy a smooth sailing adventure.

  • Jacket. Remember to bring some jacket to protect you from the cold air if you plan to have an overnight camping.
  • Bring your own food,water and snacks. For tipid (budget) purposes, just bring some food and snacks.
  • Umbrella. Scorching heat of the sun? Worry no more.

Never leave your trash anywhere because it creates a huge impact on the environment.
Have fun and enjoy. Do not forget to share your story with me. [icon name=”angellist” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Anything else I’m missing? Have you been to Baybay,Leyte? What’s next on your list?



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