10 Best Things to Do in Catmon, Cebu

Huna huna beach resort Catmon Cebu

10 Best Things to Do in Catmon, Cebu

According to my dear friend wiki, Catmon, officially the Municipality of Catmon, is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 30,471 people.

It is located along the coast of the Camotes Sea, 57 kilometres (35 mi) north of Cebu City and next to the town of Carmen.

Bounded on the East by Camotes Sea; on the South by the Municipality of Carmen; on the West by the Municipality of Tuburan and on the north by the Municipality of Sogod.

Catmon’s topography is generally mountainous and hilly and patches of flat lands can be found along the coastline and portion of the Poblacion.

10 Things to do in Catmon, Cebu

1. Climb the 2nd Highest Peak in Cebu (Mt. Kapayas or Lantawan Peak or Torre Peak)

Mt. Kapayas is also known as Lantawan Peak or Torre Peak because the highest point of Mt. Kapayas is made of limestone rocks which also resembles the peak of Mt. Mauyog in barangay Tabunan, Balamban.

It is 50 kilometers north of Cebu City and is located in Sitio Kampanya, Barangay Kabangkaya in Catmon, Northern Cebu.

But one needs to get a permit and a guide recognized by the Local Government Unit in order to climb it.

2. Rejuvenate at Esoy Hot Spring

Photo by Lee at Flicker

Esoy Hot Spring is an interesting resort and one of the most popular destinations in Catmon Municipality in Cebu Province, Philippines.

Flowing underneath of what is believed to be an extinct volcano “Mt. Tabayag” is the hot spring “Mainit”.

The hot water is valued for its capacity to ease aching and tired muscles. The sulfuric content of the water of the hots spring can also cure certain types of skin diseases.

But the here’s the catch, the “No Booking, No Entry” Policy is strictly implemented by the private property. Meaning, you have to make a reservation first atleast 1-2days before visiting.

Rates & Contact Info

Entrance fee: ₱350 per adult, ₱175 per kid (below 10 y/o)
Contact numbers: (032) 430-9250 / 0921-813-3296 (Smart) / 0935-988-8306 (Globe) / 0923-553-7427 (Sun)
Social: Facebook Page

3. Take a dip at Tinubdan Falls

The Tinubdan Falls is just one of the many natural attractions of the northern town of Catmon.

According to locals, the area around the Tinubdan Falls was developed by the Americans so it can be used as a source of electricity for their camp located in Agsuwao, Catmon.

It comprises of at-least six (6) waterfalls formed in the area going to 2 catch basins. The first catch basin is around six feet deep while the second has a depth of around three feet.

Since the rocks around the place are slippery, it is important to be careful while taking a dip in its cool waters.

4. Relax and Chill at Hinagdanan Beach or KM-47

"Clear Waters @ Catmon" :: Km 47 Beach Reasort-Cebu

Hinagdanan Beach or more popularly known as Kilometer-47 by the locals, sits at the bottom of a roadside cliff in Brgy. Binungculan, in the municipality of Catmon, Cebu.

The name kilometer-47 most likely has been given due to the fact that the area is located approximately 47 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Hinagdan Beach gives an instant escape to our mother nature and it is located in a consider

This beach was open to Cebu residents and tourists in 1957.

The beach is a perfect choice for family outings or for friends looking for a day of fun without busting their wallets.


• Entrance fee: ₱20 per head
• Cottage use: ₱200-400
• No room accommodations for overnight stays

No need for reservations — first come, first served.

5. Experience a somewhat Spanish Era at Huna Huna Beach Resort

Huna huna beach resort Catmon Cebu

Huna Huna Cliff Resort is unlike any other resort in Catmon since it surely will give you the feeling that you are living in a Spanish-Mediterranean area.

The place is posted in a cliff. The sea view is superb! The rooms have glass doors/windows leading to your own terrace. It has a table and chair for your viewing pleasure of the sea just below your room. You can hear the waves from your room and you can see Camotes Island from afar. 

The place is big and have several areas where you can sit and relax, eat, chat with your friends or take pictures. They have several kubos/cottages too.

However since the place is somewhat like a cliff, you have to go downstairs to reach the sea/beach area. There are also lots of plants and art pieces around. If you want to attend a mass, St.Joseph the worker chapel is the nearest to huna huna (5 minutes ride via trike) although there are other churches nearby.

If you wish to have your meal on the veranda just ask the friendly staff and they’d be happy to oblige. Huna Huna Cliff Resort is definitely the place to get away from it all and relax and enjoy.

Day Use Information

Entrance fee: PHP 150 per head (PHP 75 consumable on food), free use of cottage
If with room (airconditioned): PHP 800 for the first 3 hours, add PHP 100 per extra hour.
Walk-ins allowed? Yes.
Corkage fee: Yes, for both food and drinks.
Contact info: 0917 371 9741 / inquiry@hunahuna.com / No official Facebook Page

Overnight Use Information

There are exactly twelve available rooms at Huna Huna Cliff Resort. Some rooms are adjacent to the seashore in a single building and other rooms sit on the top of the cliff, overlooking several payag (small nipa huts where you can enjoy drinks or meals anytime) and the sea.

Airconditioned room: PHP 2,000 per night
Fan only: PHP 1,500 per night
– Both are inclusive of Breakfast for 2 (two) persons
– Prices are regardless of single or double occupancy
– Extra Bed without breakfast ₱500

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6. Experience Adrenaline Rush to Ka Tinggo Falls

Catmon could be just another sleepy town for some, but for adrenaline junkies, it is not.

The Katinggo Falls is one of the hidden secrets of the town of Catmon. The waterfalls is only known to locals and a few visitors who have ventured to this part of the town.

In order to reach the Katinggo Falls, you need to visit Esoy Hot Springs and you will have to go through a short hanging bridge that hangs over a 20 ft. deep water.

Under this hanging bridge, there are catfishes, which will come out once you feed them.

Make sure you wear your vest since there are uneven deepness of the river – you thought it was shallow but in fact it isn’t.

Some fondly call Ka-Tinggo as Esoy Falls because it is near the spring, but these two are different.

TIPS: If you want to reach Katinggo, make sure to get a guide who would escort you in and out of the place safely.

7. Bantayan sa Hari or Watch Tower at Catmon Daan

A historical landmark for the people in Catmon – Bantayan sa Hari or Watchtower as what they call it.

The locals claimed that the structure was built to protect the locality from marauders from the seas.

Padre Miguel de Jesus, an Augustinian Recollect from Spain, first chose this place for his church site the sitio of Catmon (now Catmon-daan).

There he also constructed a garrison, a guard-tower or watchtower “Bantayan Sa Hari” to protect the first Spanish settlement from the depredations of the moro pirates plying the coastal areas. The structure is presently located inside the Catmon -Daan Elementary school where kids normally play around.

8. Budbud Kabog Festival


Celebrated every 10th of February in honor of their patron saint San Guillermo de Aquitania, the Budbud Kabog Festival came to be a ceremonious occupational presentation of how Budbud Kabog was processed and prepared – from planting to driving away of the birds, harvesting, pounding, cooking, and wrapping the budbud kabog.

9. Cave your way in at Lumanoy Cave

Lumanoy Cave is relatively unexplored place This cave, found in Mt. Kapayas, is a favorite destination for caving.

Exercise extreme caution when you enter the cave because to your immediate left from the entrance is a deep, 30-foot chasm that leads to a vast underground pool.

The depth of this body of water is not yet ascertained. There are deeper passages in the cave worth exploring, but be sure you bring adequate caving gear and a professional caver with you.

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10. The Legend of Budbud Kabog

One of the big highlights of the celebration is the town famous festival, “Budbod Kabog Festival”.

Budbod Kabog is one of the specialty products that can only be tasted in Catmon, northern Cebu.

“Kabog” is a small-seeded cereal plant known as millet and grew wild in abundance Catmon’s mountains,mostly in Barangay Agsuwao.

Other specialty products that describes the grain “kabog” are bibingkang kabog, bikong kabog, kabog valenciana, bibingka, coconut balls, peanut brittle, empanadita and many more.

Other Attractions to take notes of:

Mt. Tabayag

Mainit Hot Spring

Roman Catholic Historical Stone Church

Mamig Falls.

Map to help you locate the places I’ve listed above

Map to help you locate the nearby activities


Have you ever been to the places I’ve listed above? Go and try them yourself!

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