10 Best Things to Do in Medellin, Cebu


10 Best Things to Do in Medellin, Cebu

According to wikipedia, “Medellin, officially the Municipality of Medellin, is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 55,332 people. The municipality of Medellin is one of the nine municipalities comprising the 4th Congressional District of Cebu Province.”

1. Medellin Hideaway Resort

Located in Barangay Tindog, Medellin, Cebu is a small public beach resort.

It’s a long pathway of a half-kilometer stretch of bamboo footbridge that connects the resort to a not so distant cottage.

From there you can view the different islands like Bogo, and even catch a glimpse of the famous Bantayan Island.

It is said that the Mayor built this cottage to be the official sea post of Bantay Dagat to protect the Tañon strait from illegal fishing.

People later discovered it, and eventually ended up as an attraction, until the Local Government Unit developed the place and called it the Medellin Hideaway Resort.

2. Experience Fun at Funtastic Island

Medellin, Cebu
Photo by Leylander Romarate

Located in Gibitngil Island in Medellin, Northern Cebu, Funtastic Island has an entrance fee of ₱15 only, but the boat rental will cost you around PHP 100- PHP 150 per person (roundtrip).

Funtastic Medellin Island Watch is an ideal venue for exclusive parties with families and friends, or to relax and be away from the hustle city life.


Entrance fee: PHP 15 each for adults and kids (with environmental fee)
Cottage: PHP 200, PHP 300, PHP 350, PHP 400 & PHP 500 per day
Zip Line: PHP 50 per ride (one-way)
Overnight room (Fan): PHP 1,500, good for 4pax
Life Vest: PHP 50 / use
Kayak: PHP200 / hour
Corkage fee: None
Boat rental:
– PHP 1,500 round-trip, good for 10 to 15 persons.
– PHP 1,000 round-trip, good for 4 persons and below.
– You may opt to join with other groups. For boat rentals, contact 0933-302-6638 / 0956-984-2596.

Gibitngil residents/locals are on call during Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays except holidays. For reservations, please call the Mayor’s Office at 4362031 or text 09176234925. Or you may contact mobile no. 0920-4636724.

3. The Watchtower and Floating Cottage

A venue good for someone who likes peace. Someone who wants to chill in a cottage that floats.

You can arrange trips to the watchtower and the floating cottage with the HideAway Resort.

From the watchtower, you can enjoy views of different islands and municipalities, such as Bogo and the famous Bantayan Island.

4. Kayak your way to Dagusungan River

The Dagusungan River is one of the eco-tourism destinations of the town of Medellin.

From the other side, one can rent a jetski or kayak and check on the two different river routes that Dagusungan River offers.

Choose between : The 1.9 km stretch leading to Asinan Bridge from Caputatan Sur to Caputatan Norte & 2.8 km to the Bangon River from Poblacion to Caputatan Norte.

Explore its magnificent mangrove forest.

5. Try Medellin’s Zip-Away, Tarzan Jump and Many More!

A place that offers the first ever sky bicycle rides. Doesn’t that excite you?

It is located in Barangay Caputatan Norte, Medellin and is a municipal-owned eco-adventure park.

On the other hand, Ziplining continues to be a big attraction in Cebu and Medellin hasn’t been left behind.

You can find the zipline about 5 km from Poblacion Medellin going towards Bangon. It isn’t hard to find, there are lots of signs and directions.

But the best out of all is the Tarzan Jump. Here, visitors would line up and wait for their turn patiently – it is worth the wait. The jump is 15 feet from the ground.

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6. The Dayhagon Canal

Another attraction in Medellin, Cebu is the Dayhagon Canal which is a man-made waterway built during the Spanish Period.

This artificial water channel spans 1.5 kilometers to connect Medellin’s eastern seaboard to the west. You can ride a “banca” (small boat) or kayak through the mangrove forest.

7. Swim and Discovery wonders at Discovery Reef

The Discovery Reef is just one of the tourist attractions of the northern town of Medellin, which has caught the attention of not only the locals but visitors to the town.

The great reef is a coral garden that stretches from Polambato canal to the water boundary of Daanbantayan.

It is somewhat over four kilometers long and has centuries-old boulders and corals in different forms and sizes. 

If you are someone who likes to explore the underwater, then visit this place.

8. No Crowd, White Sands at Kawit Shoreline


The beach shoreline is free for everyone.

The shoreline is long and you can pick your spot under a tree.

The sand is white, pure and very fine, and it makes every goer a happy, sunkissed beach bum. 

Also, the beaches are not too crowded unlike some popular beach destinations in Cebu.

9. Spend your afternoon at Mahawak Shoreline

Mahawak Sunset

Just like in the neighboring barangay of Kawit, this shore is also appeared in white sand powdery beach.

The sunset shines so beautifully on Gibitngil Island and the view is golden. You can stroll around the shore at no cost at all.

Locals there are very friendly and getting around will be just fine. 

10. Golf not just in Games

Do you want to experience playing golf? Or do you love playing it?

Well, a golf course known as Mercedes Golf Course and Country Club is located in Dayhagon, Medellin.

And the best part of it is that the course is playable even if it rains because it uses a computerized irrigation system that keeps it in good condition.

Reminder: For more inquiries and to further your journey in the town of Medellin you may consider visiting their official website at www.medellin.gov.ph. Please note: Fare rate and tariff rates may change in recent time.

Map to help you locate the places in Medellin, Cebu


Have you ever been to the places I’ve listed above? Go and try them yourself!

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