10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Tuburan, Cebu

10 things to do in tuburan cebu

10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Tuburan, Cebu

Tuburan is under the 3rd district in Cebu province. It has 54 barangays and is the largest municipality in Cebu.

It has been said by the locals that the evolved from the word “Tubud” meaning spring. Springs are the main source of potable water for the people living in the town.

10 Things To Do in Tuburan

1. Tuburan Coffee Farm

  • Location: Kabangkalan, Tuburan, Cebu
  • Land Area: 88 Hectares
  • Workers: 65
  • Variety of Coffee Grown: Robusta
  • Elevation: 800 meters above sea level

The farm produces 4.3 million kilograms of coffee beans per day! If you love coffee, then you might want to tour this place.

Source: http://tuburancoffee.com

2. Sing and Dance at Tubod Festival

Love Festivals? Check out Tuburan’s festival.

The Tubod Festival is a tribute to San Antonio de Padua, the municipality’s Patron Saint. The festival is celebrated with a parade and group dancing.
Tubod festival is one of the most-anticipated events on the town among Tuburanon.

Tubod Festival is held every 12th to 13th of June

3. Relax and Chill at Molobolo Spring


One of the most scenic and famous springs in the town of Tuburan.
Located more or less 3.5 hrs from Cebu City, this cold spring is located in Northwest Cebu, Tuburan. There are 2 tiers of pool-size spring, the first one is 7-ft deep and the other one is 3-ft deep.

Souvenir stores are available around Molobolo Spring that sells the municipality’s handmade products such as jewelry boxes, wooden key chains, clothes, bags and more.

Entrance Fee

  • Adult: Php 5 (SGD 0.125 ,$0.1, € 0.08)
  • Children: Php 2 (SGD 0.02 ,$0.04, € 0.03)

Cottage Rental

  • Small cottage: Php 150 (SGD 3.75 ,$3, € 2.5)
  • Big cottage: PHP 300 pesos (SGD 7.5 ,$6, € 5)
There is no corkage fee. Note that prices may vary accordingly.

4. Glamping at Formosa Camp Resort

Glamping! Another Glamping spot found depth within Tuburan. Located in
Bagasawe, Tuburan, Cebu – 2.5 hours away from the city (accessible by private vehicles / bus / van or v-hire).

They also have a swimming pool.


  • Php 100 (SGD 2.5 ,$2, € 1.7) ( per head for adults, Php 50 (SGD 1.25 ,$1, € 0.8) for kids below 10 years old
  • Php 300 (SGD 7.5 ,$6, € 5) for each picnic table with umbrella for 4 hours, from 9am to 9pm


  • 2 Pax – Room 1 (Matrimonial, 2 pax): Php 2,750 (SGD69 ,$55, € 46) per night
  • 4 pax – Room 2 (4 pax): Php 2,750 (SGD69 ,$55, € 46) per night
  • 2 pax – Room 3 (Standard, 2 pax): Php 1,750 (SGD44 ,$35, € 30) per night
  • 2 pax – Room 4 (Deluxe, 2 pax) with a meeting room/dining area: P3,250 (SGD82 ,$65, € 55) per night
  • 8 pax – Room 5 (Barkada, up to 8 pax) with own sala: Php 4,250 (SGD 107 ,$85, € 71) per night
  • *Excess charge is Php 450 (SGD12 ,$9, € 8) per person per night, inclusive of entrance fee.


  • Tent A (up to 2 pax): Php 750 (SGD19 ,$15, € 13) per night + Php150
    (SGD 3.75 ,$3, € 2.5) per head entrance
  • Tent B (up to 4 pax): P1,000 (SGD25 ,$20, € 17) per night + Php150 (SGD 3.75 ,$3, € 2.5) per head entrance
  • Family Tent (up to 5 pax): P1,250 (SGD32 ,$25, € 21) per night + Php150 (SGD 3.75 ,$3, € 2.5) per head entrance
  • They have a total of 10 tents available; bringing of own tents is NOT allowed.
  • Entrance fee is good for 1 day only. For campers staying longer, fee is only Php 75 (SGD1.9 ,$1.5, € 1.3) on the following days .

5. Measure the Dao Tree in Tuburan

Photo by Ian

The Heritage Tree of Jagbuaya in Tuburan is one tree that survived many generations and continues to stand up to this date.  The diameter of the tree looks a lot like 7-ish meter. You will really feel so small when standing next to it.

6. Look for Lantawan Lookout/Tunnel

Some say that the structure in Lantawan is a lighthouse and others believe that it is a tunnel.

This hidden gem is presently known as the Lantawan Resort. It is located near the ocean and is said that this amazing structure was built primarily as defense/hideout from invaders.

But, lighthouses/tunnels are built for lookout too.

7. Trek to Lantawan Cliff

Love hiking? This one is for you.

Cliff of the Lantawan area. You need to hike in going there. Ask the local’s barangay officer to guide you in going there.

8. Marmol Cliff and Cave (Marble Cliff)

MCPB - Marmol Cliffs, Tuburan
Photo by My Cebu Blog

Marmol Cliff (Marble Cliff) is made up of two big rock formations that line the passageway of a river. It is shallow during sunny days, but when it rain, the water rises up to 20 feet, so you must be careful when treading here.

It’s called marmol (“marble”) as the stones are shiny and smooth, much like marble stones. You can see it sparkle when the rays of the sun hit the stone.

9. Adela River

Adela River is one of the biggest rivers in Tuburan. The area is obviously being maintained by people living near the area. The river is actually clean.

People go kayaking in this river.

10. Untouched Mantawihan Spring

A natural coldspring that’s not as developed as Molobolo Spring.


  • Arcadio Maxilom Park – park that is dedicated to the revolutionary hero born in the town of Tuburan.
  • Little Baguio Beach of Barangay I Poblacion – a famous brown beach in Tuburan.
  • Rizal Park – Park dedicated to the national hero, Jose Rizal.


Come and visit Tuburan! See some historical sights.

Always remember to “Develop your One Days to Day Ones!


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