Bacalla Woods Campsite plus Bugho Falls : 600 PHP Budget Travel Guide and Itinerary


Bacalla Woods Campsite plus Bugho Falls : 600 PHP Budget Travel Guide and Itinerary

Hidden from the province of Cebu City in Philippines is a camp that will give you good nature view and amazing swing that will give you goosebumps. Bacalla Woods Campsite has a house that is overlooking a mountain and the sunrise, my friends, can be seen too. Indeed a win-win situation. 

Traveling to Bacalla Woods Campsite for the first time? This detailed and curated travel guide will make it easy for you to navigate your way inside, save money, and maximize your time.

Get Started


By Bus.

Just go to Cebu South Bus and wait on Door 8. The bus sign or screen will flash places like Argao, Oslob or Carcar. Hop on to that bus. This is for air-conditioned buses which cost around Php 60.00 or $1.20. Just ask the bus conductor if it will pass by San Isidro, San Fernando.

When you hop off the bus, many motorcycles are waiting for you, just tell them that you are off to Bacalla Campsite. Fare is per motorcycle and cost about 90.00php or $1.74 per motorcycle.

By Jeep.

From Colon St. near starbucks, you can ride a jeep to Bulacao a 10F jeep. Then hop off at Bulacao. This will cost you around 10.00php or $0.20.

Then hop on a jeep starting with 44 or 45 and ask the driver if they will go to San Isidro, San Fernando. This will cost you around 10.00php to 15.00php or $0.2-0.3.

When you hop off the jeep, many motorcycles are waiting for you, just tell them that you are off to Bacalla Campsite. Fare is per motorcycle and cost about 90.00php or $1.74 per motorcycle.

By Private Car or Taxi.

Philippines 3G/4G internet data sim card & pocket WiFi rental

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Pre- Travel Tips

When is the best time to visit Bacalla Woods Campsite?
Travel Must Haves

When is the Best Time to Visit Bacalla Woods Campsite?

Anytime of the 365 calendars we have.

Travel Must-Haves

✓ Google Map App – A life-saver for me because without it, I might get lost.

✓ Google Translate – Super powerful app. Translate anything.

Gps-Guided App

✓ Sunscreen – Protect yourself from sunburn or much worse – Cancer.

✓ Pocket Wifi or Sim Card – The convenient of searching anything is a go-to. Please don’t forget this baby. It is a life-saver for me though.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

Before Bacalla Woods Campsite has been known, it is a hangout by Bacalla family. Bacalla is the surname of the family that owns the place. It is known for its swing. Remember the famous swing in Bali, Indonesia? Yes!,you can now go to this place to experience the magical feeling and surreal moment of putting your faith in a branch of tree to swing.

My friends and I decided to find some escape from our daily grinds of work and it did leads us to Bacalla Woods Campsite. They where eager to go to Bacalla Woods Campsite because of the famous swing. The insane swing and hammock. 

Famous Swing in Bacalla Campsite
Famous Swing in Bacalla Campsite

I tell you that it is not easy to swing in full mode when you know that on the other side is a solid ground waiting for you. I am recommending this to people who wants to find some adrenaline rush in their weekend or weekday escapades.   You may find that picture a serene one but honestly I was really trembling. My first try was funny  because my slipper slipped off but luckily the guide helped me get it.  

More activities:  Bacalla Woods Campsite : Overnight Camping in Cebu,Philippines.

Hammock at Sunrise
Hammock at Sunrise

Bugho Falls can also be trekked starting from Bacalla Campsite. The picture below is a part of the falls. See its wonders and be amazed by mother natures water geography.

More info: Trekking and Chasing Falls at Bugho Falls.

Scenery at Bugho Falls
Scenery at Bugho Falls


Day 1
12:00nn-1:00pmMeet Up at Cebu South Bus
1:00pm-1:30pmWaiting for the Bus to arrive
 1:30pm-3:00pm Travel time of bus from Cebu South to San Isidro, San Fernando 60Php or $1.2
 3:00pm-3:20pm Motorcycle ride from San Isidro, San Fernando to Bacalla Campsite90php per motor good for 2-3 persons or $1.74
3:20pm-400pm Register, Unpack things
 4:00pm-6:00pm Picture taking, Explore the Campsite, Decide whether to set-up tent or use hammock
6:00pm-7:00pmRendezvous with other friends and dinner
7:00pm-12amStargaze, Chit Chat with friends
Day 2
5:30am-7:00amCatching Sunrise
7:00am-8:00amPreparing things for trekking and going to Bugho Falls
8:00am-9:00amBreakfast (they serve free breakfast)
9:00am-9:25amBriefing about the trek to Bugho Falls with the guides
9:25am-11:30amTrek to Bugho Falls with some stops
11:30-12:12pmBugho Falls Picture taking or swimming
12:12pm-12:45pmMotorcycle Ride from Bugho Falls to Bacalla CampsitePhp 50.00 or $1
12:45pm-2:00pmPrepping up before going home
2:00pm-3:00pmBacalla Campsite to Naga Boardwalk (late lunch)
3:00pm-5:00pmNaga to Cebu South Bus


If you’re planning an overnight trip at Bacalla Woods Campsite and trek at Bugho Falls with your friends, here are some figures that you might want to take note of.

60 php  – Bus ride from Cebu South Bus to San Isidro,San Fernando
90 php/3  – Motorcycle Ride from San Isidro, San Fernando to Bacalla Campsite (good for 2-3 pax)
150php – Hammock Rental
100php – Boodle Fight -care off friends
200php – Overnight with Breakfast (Entrance fee)
50 php  – Trek to Bugho Falls
Total Expenses : 590 PHP

For more accommodation rates, visit their FB Page or contact Bacalla.

Bacalla Campsite – Facebook
0923-825-6945   – or reach them through their Sun cellular number  


Here are some tips to enjoy a smooth sailing adventure.

Reservations. Bacalla Campsite is Fully booked during this time of year because it was featured in televisions so more crowds will go there. Walk-ins are still welcome but with an additional fee.

Off-Lotion. Remember to bring some mosquito repellent lotion to avoid certain diseases.

Bring your own food,water and snacks. To attain the budget goals I have written just bring some snacks and cook your own.

Have a Star Guide or Map.Download a stargazing app on your mobile phone. Limited or non-existent electricity on the camping area makes them an ideal places to watch the stars!

Tent.Bring your own tent or borrow from a friend so that you can save money.

Have fun and enjoy. Do not forget to share your story with me. 


Did I miss something? Message me. Have you been to any camping site?


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